tite sandwiches. tite wine.

tite sandwiches. tite wines.


Located in the Grayson Building, in Downtown Los Angeles on Broadway, E Stretto is Joel David Miller and Dave Fernie’s first venture. Occupying a space inside Bar Clacson, this east coast deli inspired sandwich shop turns out incredibly satisfying, universally approachable sandwiches, salads, and sides. Pair those with one of the low-intervention, vintner driven wines that they keep on a constant, rotating roster. Cozy up in their dining room, full of lush foliage, or opt for an al fresco dining experience on the Broadway-facing patio. Into the evening - enjoy their sandwiches in Bar Clacson and The Slipper Clutch.



Dave Fernie and Joel Miller met while working at the earliest iteration of Scratch Bar, through mutual friend and chef, Phillip Lee. Though since the advent of their unholy union, they’ve helmed LA staples like Pour Vous, The Wallace, and Honeycut, they’ve always dreamt of opening a place of their own. A startup sandwich shop wasn’t their first choice, but they were turned down repeatedly when trying to open a Subway franchise (denial letters mentioned detractions ranging from juvenile sense of humor, to inability to safely operate basic kitchen tools).

In late summer, 2018, Eric Alperin (The Varnish, 1/2 Step, Bar Clacson, The Slipper Clutch, The Streamliner) approached Dave and Joel (heretofore referred to as the Stretto Bros) about an indecent proposal, but in discussing compensation, the idea of potentially taking on a joint project within his nearly two year old Bar Clacson in DTLA came up. Though the Stretto Bros really wanted to open a Peanut Butter and Jelly centric stand, they were incredibly crestfallen to learn that they were mere steps from PB&JLA, who had already masterfully perfected that discipline. Their next idea was to open a Juggalo-themed sushi spot, but to their chagrin, Phillip Lee had beat them to the punch with Sushi | Bar in Encino, and truly, the world is not big enough for two Juggalo sushi joints. So with no other ideas to speak of, they remembered their myriad foiled attempts to open a Subway franchise and thought - “By golly, lets open a sandwich place!”

By January 2019, they were ready to launch the first sandwich shop to ever earn 5 whole Michelin Stars (still waiting on those). Come in and see for yourself - it’s basically like being on the set of an episode of Chef’s Table (albeit an incredibly hacky episode of Chef’s Table) but also like a male version of America’s Next Top Model Dad-Bod Edition. You’ll forget to eat cause you’ll be lost in the Stretto Bros eyes, or maybe too offended by some idiotically puerile joke they uttered.

At any rate, the sandwiches are great, and the wine doesn’t suck either


“someone should really tell these guys that my chemical romance sucks and thirty something year old men shouldn’t be belting out the lyrics to “Welcome to the Black Parade” at work at 1:15 in the afternoon while crying into my prosciutto sandwich. The Sandwich tasted pretty good though. Parking was ample.” ***

/ an elite yelper  /


why we do what we do…

We believe that an alien overlord came to earth thousands of years ago in what is now called Georgia along the banks of the Black Sea to teach people how to make wines and super tite sandwiches. We believe that same alien overlord visited the 300 Block of S Broadway in about 1926CE to impart that knowledge to a lowly shopkeeper in the Grayson Building. Based on a Ouiji board session and a LOT of Four Lokos and Bud Light Lime-a-Ritas, we discovered that if we made tite sandwiches, and served tite wines in that same space, that we could potentially open a rift in the space/time continuum through which that same alien overlord could return to present day and bestow his tite wine and sandwich knowledge upon us. Only about $47000 worth of stress tests later, we’re pretty sure he’s coming back any day now.


"I’ve eaten at literally every Blimpies in the continental United States, and let me tell you, e stretto is on par with some of the most fair to middling BLIMPIEs in flyover states. THEY ALSO HAVE LOTS OF PICTURES OF KATHY IRELAND IN THE BATHROOM, and I ALSO liked that.”

/  Dave’s dad  /